Sunday, August 11, 2013

Suki-Ya's Premium Wagyu Beef Platter

Premium Wagyu Beef Platter

Yeah, I know. This place is gross. But after that meal in China, I've been wanting some thinly sliced meat in a clear broth for the past few days. And yet I didn't want to pay for proper Japanese shabu shabu...nor Sichuan, Thai, or even local steamboat for that matter. I just wanted something cheap. So in the absence of Kichi-Kichi, I figured that Suki-Ya would suffice for my purposes today, knowing full well the kind of quality (or rather, lack thereof) that I would be getting.

The interesting thing was then to find that this optional plate of wagyu was so marbled, especially when it was only S$6.90 (US$5.50). Of course, at that kind of a price, it wasn't exactly super tasty either, but it was tender at least...kinda like that wagyu burger at Mos Burger, I suppose. Anyway, I only now discovered that these guys are run by the same folks who are behind Shabuya. I guess that explains why I never liked either chain.

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