Thursday, March 06, 2014

James Hook & Co. in Boston

Stuffed Scallop

There were a couple hours of a break in the program today, which was just enough time to head out to a local seafood shack for lunch. We thus came here, in part due to a local colleague's recommendation, but also since these guys are only open during the daytime. I figured that my one chance to eat here on this trip was right now (15 Northern Avenue, 423-5501).

It turned out to be a little trailer rather than a restaurant. Fortunately, they had some small tables inside for you to get served at, and I got this stuffed scallop together with a bowl of chowder, the latter of which had to be one of the most generous with clams that I'd ever had. There's not much to choose from here, but it was fresh, and amazing to see those huuuuge lobsters in the tank next to us.

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