Friday, March 08, 2013

Woodman's of Essex, Massachusetts

Chubby's Original Fried Clams

I nearly decided to forgo this trip up to Essex given how heavy the snowstorm was this morning. Fortunately, it started to thin out in the afternoon, and the roads were relatively clear, so I left the city and drove up here, especially given all of the good stuff that I had heard about it (121 Main Street, 978-768-6057).

These guys invented fried clams, so I of course had to get that (although had I known that it was going to be this big, I probably would have asked for a smaller box or something). Sure, it was just a bunch of fried stuff, but the clams here were surprisingly tasty, being fried whole and thus complete with all of its briny guts for an edgy punch of flavor.

I've definitely gotta come back here with a bigger contingent (and in warmer weather) next time to try out their other stuff like clambakes. I didn't even realize until I saw a sign on the wall that Adam Sandler's Grown Ups was shot here. I think I was so put off by how terrible that movie was that I didn't even care to take note (I think he needs to make another Happy Gilmore instead).

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