Saturday, August 23, 2014

Crayfish from...uh...IKEA??


The last time I was at IKEA, I noticed crayfish listed on their menu, but the line at the cafeteria was so long that I didn't bother. Today, it wasn't on the menu anymore, but I still went inside in the off-chance that maybe they still had it. Fortunately, they did, sitting in the refrigerated case right next to the gravadlax. Cool - this I had to try!

To my surprise, these things were salty and with a strong punch of dill a good way. More importantly, these little things had some nice rich head fat inside, making the heads more exciting to eat than the tails. And the entire plate was only S$5 (US$4), washing down easily with a random can of Swedish beer that I grabbed along with it.

It was only after I got downstairs to the freezer section did I see a big box of these things available for sale (and seemingly only at the Tampines location rather than Alexandra, mind you). The box said that they were freshwater crayfish from China. I would have bought a box, but wasn't in any position to bring any frozen goods home. Maybe next time.

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