Wednesday, July 23, 2014

PASTEJ LAX Salmon Spread from IKEA

PASTEJ LAX Salmon Spread from IKEA

I assure you that I'm not buying my groceries at IKEA these days. But when I saw this tube of salmon spread for sale, I was kinda curious. After all, if it was effectively their gravadlax in a tube, I'd probably like it.

Unfortunately, I didn't. It wasn't that it was extra fishy; after all, that's to be expected when it was a salmon spread. Instead, it was because it was extra sweet.

Oh well. It still is kinda interesting to see all of the food that you can buy at IKEA. But if the other seafood-in-a-tube options are just as sweet, then I won't bother trying them.

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Julia said...

I remember something like this from my childhood & youth in Switzerland (not Sweden! :-)). From memory I didn't like the salmon in a tube either, but the tuna in a tube was surprisingly good.

Unfortunately the nearest IKEA where I now live (OZ), which will probably end up being four hours on public transport. I would love to check out their foods.