Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Chabuton Ramen, 313@Somerset, Singapore

Mini Tonkotsu Ramen

So the Chabuya folks from Japan finally opened their first Singapore outlet last weekend (313 Orchard Road #B2-01, 6636-8335). I wasn't getting my hopes up, as this outlet specialized in tonkotsu, something that is totally overplayed out here. Nonetheless, when I realized that this guy actually got a Michelin star for his shop in Hong Kong, I was curious.

Mini Shoyu Ramen

Fortunately, they did mini bowls here, which allowed me to try both a tonkotsu as well as a shoyu. The shoyu was rather flat (not what I was hoping for), but the tonkotsu was better than I was expecting. I'm kinda curious to know what his other shops taste like now; somehow I suspect that the Singapore menu isn't giving us a complete picture of what he is capable of.

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