Friday, May 02, 2014

JEFU Ramen at Maxwell Road Hawker Centre

Chashu Ramen

That was much better than I thought it would be (11 South Bridge Road #01-004). Based on appearances, I had figured that the noodles would be too soft and everything else unremarkable. But to my surprise, the noodles were reasonably firm, the broth was rich, and the fatty pork was seared by hand. I nearly finished the bowl.

Still, I won't go back there. Yes, I could nitpick on both the broth (strangely liver-y) and pork (a bit dry), but the real reason is that I'm getting kinda sick of tonkotsu ramen. There's just way too much of it around here. Will Keisuke please please please please puuuulllleeeze bring back his wonderfully aromatic ebi ramen instead?? I guess that the Naked Finn's prawn beehoon will be my closest proxy for that for now.


XY said...

Hey there! Thought you might be interested to know that Keisuke is having a one-day special on 11 May: Ise Lobster Stock Ramen for only $10 a bowl. It's to celebrate Four Season's 1st anniversary.


Derrick Tan said...

I thought it is interesting to find such ramen stall in local hawker centre, unfortunately the food sounds disappointing.