Saturday, November 09, 2013

The S$28 Prawn Beehoon from the Naked Finn

Prawn vermicelli soup with secreto Ibérico pork slices + giant tiger prawns

I usually don't put up black and white photos, but I had to go this way given that the outdoor street lighting here tainted everything yellow. Anyway, I've always wanted to come to the Naked Finn for their after-hours prawn noodle, and tonight we were just up the street so I suggested that we come here for a snack.

It wasn't until we got here though did we realize that the prawn noodles started at S$28 (US$22) and went up to S$50 (US$40), which was quite a shock considering that this dish usually goes for something like S$5 (US$4) at a hawker center. Still, it was the Naked Finn, and it looks like they put Ibérico pork in there, so we went ahead and got a round of bowls for everyone.

And yes, it was good, not just with the delicious pork fat, but of course also those prawns, which were just the cheapest ones on the menu. The broth was interesting in that it was unseasoned, but they provided salt, chili powder, and even more Ibérico pork lard to lace it with. Next time I might just focus on those awesome squid though, which were much more affordable at only S$10 (US$8) a plate.

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