Monday, June 02, 2014

Sights from Benito Juárez International Airport

Angus Habanero Ranch Burger

Here were just a few things that I saw at Mexico City airport this morning. No, I didn't eat this, but it was just interesting to see more localization at McDonald's. It was also interesting to see the exchange rates at the Forex counters on the departure level. If I calculated it correctly, I could have bought about 5% more Pesos upon arrival by simply going up to the departures level instead.

Lala Yoghurt, Delaware Punch, and Garci Crespo Agua Quina

The United Club here wasn't anything great. The only things that I could find that were local were some drinks and yogurt, and even then, I found out the hard way that the little yellow can on the right was just tonic water (ugh!). The purple can was interesting though, in part since it was one of Coke's local flavors, but also since I had some of this off of the streets yesterday, when they mixed it up with salt, chili powder, and lime juice. So basically it was like a michelada, but using soft drinks rather than beer.

Chili Spiced Dried Apples

And that leads to these dried apples with chili powder, which I didn't buy. But it reminded me of how chili powder, salt, and lime are present in so many things here, including beer, soft drinks, and fruit. I actually kinda like it, but of course it can be a bit of a foreign concept if one is not used to it.

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SirJman said...

Not sure if you'd be up for it, but I'd happily eat any McDonald's are able to fly back into SG. I write a blog about McDonalds items around the world, and it looks like you travel a fare deal more than I do now.

If you are flying straight in, I'd be willing to eat whatever you can carry (I've eaten 20+ hour old burgers before). Otherwise localised sauces, shakers or anything non-perishable would be great! I'd happily pay you back for all costs involved.