Friday, May 23, 2014

Veg Supreme McMuffin from McDonald's India

Veg Supreme McMuffin

To be clear, this was neither the McPaneer Royale nor the Grilled Chicken Royale depicted on the placemat. Nor was McDonald's my first choice of places to eat at. But when I saw a sign at Delhi airport advertising these things, it reminded me of how they localize things at McDonald's in India, and so I swung by the food court to check it out.

I tried very hard to walk away after finally seeing the menu. After all, this was the Golden Arches, and everyone knows that it's terrible for you. And yet some force (in my stomach, I presume?) still drew me to the counter to pick up this Veg Supreme McMuffin, which looked kinda good in the photo with its tomatoes and onions.

Perhaps to no surprise, the actual product ended up looking rather different from the photo, and the taste wasn't the tomato-and-onion thing that I was expecting either. It ultimately tasted like a lot of sauce shoved into a muffin with something mushy inside. Fortunately, it was a little spicy at least.

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