Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta

Coca-Cola's African Brands

This was a totally unplanned visit. I originally went into downtown just to find somewhere to park myself until dinner. I nearly considered going for curbside service at the Varsity, but didn't quite feel like shoving more food down my throat. So I poked around online for something else nearby, and these guys showed up in Google's suggestions (121 Baker Street NW, 676-5151). Even if it was going to be touristy, I figured that at least I could get out of the cold weather and sit down...and obviously hydrate myself while I was at it.

Now, of course that meant going through some rather touristy exhibits and shows, but those were relatively painless given that they most of this was an unguided tour, all concluding of course with the beverages at the end. They divided the area by continent, with fountains at each station featuring flavors/brands from that geography. The ones that I was least familiar with were the African brands, while I didn't even touch the North American station given that it featured flavors that we see every day. My favorite was probably the tangy Ciel from Mexico, while my least favorite was the bitter Beverly from Italy. Oh - actually the gingerbread Coke that they featured as a special today was surprisingly good too.

Presumably I've tried many of the same flavors at the World of Coke in Las Vegas, but that was nearly 15 years ago, so it's not like I really remember much of it. Anyway, I eventually felt sick from all of the sugar this afternoon...or should I say, high fructose corn syrup? (BTW, they didn't feature any Mexican Coke.) But ultimately it achieved my goal of recharging a bit here before proceeding onto dinner.

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ikram said...

when i went there it was during the holiday season, the "special" Coke they were serving at the counter at the "World of Flavours" was a Chocolate Pepperimint Coke.. went quite well!! I've been longing for one ever since..

The other highlights from the World of Flavours for me were the Latin American ones.. Inca Kola was really interesting..

Gingerbread coke sounds awesome , i hope there's a recipe for it somewhere on the net!