Friday, June 27, 2014

EVA Air's Infinity Lounge at Taoyuan Airport

The first time I went to EVA Air's lounge in Taipei, it was so crowded that I immediately left. But this time, they let me into the other side of the lounge, and it was a bit more interesting. During my outbound leg earlier this week, the afternoon spread featured things like wonton soup, cold liang ban mian, and beef noodle soup. On my arrival this morning, they had local breakfast items like soy bean milk, porridge, and that odd thing in the foreground of the photo above.

The sign said something to the effect that it was a "Taiwanese meatball," except clearly there was no meat to be seen. It turned out that the diced meat was inside that gelatinous outer cover, accompanied by a mildly sweet sauce. I looked it up just now and it turned out that this is something called ba wan, and I suspect that I've probably had it before. Now, it's not exactly something that I'll be getting cravings for either, but it was kinda cool that the lounge featured some local items that were worth trying.

Note to self: the EVA Air lounge at SFO was nearly as cramped as the SQ lounge next door. Next time just skip it and go straight to the United Club where you can actually get a proper desk to work at.

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