Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Aroma of an American Pizza Parlor


I haven't been to one of these places in a million years. To be clear, we're not talking about deep dish Chicago-style pizza (even though the crust was pretty darned thick), nor are we talking about thin New York-style pizza (indeed, this shop's thin crust option was downright inedible in my opinion). And despite being physically in California, this wasn't California-style pizza...nor was it any fancy artisan stuff, for that matter.

This was, instead, the kind of pizza that you'd find at suburbs across the US, where pitchers of Bud Light are plentiful and where soccer moms bring kids after a game. It wasn't a chain like Shakey's; this was a local family-owned shop catering to the neighborhood. In some ways, it was a bit like that stuff that I had delivered to my hotel room many years ago (or gasp - that stuff from the cruise ship!), but marginally better, perhaps just due to the aroma circulating while eating in the shop itself.

Yep - that meant having a salad bar available on site to go along with those breadsticks and buffalo wings while watching the game on the overhead TVs. Now, I know that this was all just a lot of nostalgia rather than anything that I would want to eat again (I'd much rather take proper Neapolitan pizza instead), but I haven't had this many ingredients on a pizza in a long time. Something about that sausage went well with those onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and pepperoni, and it was interesting to get some "local" pizza after having been overseas for so long.

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