Monday, October 15, 2012

Wings Bar, Clarke Quay

From front: Buffalo Wings, Sichuan Wings, and Cajun Wings

A new buffalo wing shop has taken over the former location of the Tent Mongolian BBQ (3D River Valley Road #01-02, 6333-4460). It had an eye-catching, if slightly tacky, WWII-themed decor. The more interesting thing to me though was the fact that they weren't just serving the usual buffalo sauce, but a number of other ones, including one based on Singapore chili crab, one based on local chili padi, and one based on Sichuan spices, among many others. We grabbed a few of them to see what they were like.

The disappointing thing was actually the classic buffalo sauce. I suppose that there wasn't anything wrong with it, but after having been spoiled by wings back home, this just wasn't as punchy. The dark and unsightly one in the photo above was the Sichuan one, which wasn't as numbing as I had figured it to be, but it had some earthy heat that was certainly different. My favorite one was the one that was the least dressed: the Cajun one in the back. It was basically just dusted with some of your typical Cajun powder, but it kept the skin crispy and light, and was seasoned just right.

Yeah, I suppose that it was fun enough that I'd come back one of these days, but I probably won't be in any huge rush. And admittedly, if I wanted the normal buffalo sauce, I'd probably go to Hooters on the other side of the building. But it was interesting to see them playing with so many different kinds of sauces, all to be washed down with refreshing draft beer. One of these days, I'll have to get back up to upstate New York for the National Buffalo Wing Festival.

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