Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Stopping by a Wingstop Outlet

10 Piece Combo

No, this wasn't meant to be a streak of unhealthy fast food chains. But I've been wanting to give Wingstop a try, and there was an outlet nearby today that made it convenient to go to.

The wings were fried on the spot, and in our case, done with both their Original Hot and Cajun sauces, which did the job, even if it was a far cry from Sean's booYah! sauce. At least they provided a generous portion of veggie sticks, as if that were any consolation against all of that salt and grease that we were consuming.

Note to self: next time see if they'll provide some Atomic sauce on the side. That habanero-based stuff was a bit too spicy if it were to coat the entire wing, but dipping it on the side helped provide some extra heat when needed.

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