Monday, September 05, 2011

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Little Hamburger, Regular Fries Five Guys Style, and Regular Drink

I had heard about how great Five Guys was every time I was out in the DC area (perhaps due to all of the Obama coverage), but never had enough time to go to one. So when I noticed that their franchises had finally expanded all the way over here to Northern California, I got excited at the chance to finally try it.

Unfortunately, my hopes were too high. Sure, the free peanuts were kinda cool, as were the simple fries, but the taste of the burgers was just a bit too humble for me. Surely part of this was because I hadn't found the right combination of toppings yet (from an impresively long list of free toppings, BTW). Hopefully next time I'll get it right.


matt said...

did you try the Cajun fries? That's where the real Five Guys magic happens as far as I'm concerned (although I do think the burger itself is the best one I've tried from a chain establishment).

Morgan D. said...

Well, in CA you have access to In-n-Out which i hear consistently kicks Five Guys butt ( I don't know if a specific combination of toppings will bridge that gap, but i usually just order mine "All The Way" which gets all the toppings listed on their menu in black.

bma said...

We went back to try the Cajun fries today. It definitely made it better, although that alone probably wouldn't draw me back there. And yes, I prefer In-N-Out, although I'll revisit that thought after trying the "All the Way" version at Five Guys next time.