Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Japanese Restaurant Hanare by Teppei

Bara Chirashi

I finally made it down to Teppei's new extension Hanare for lunch today (thanks for the heads-up). It was a bit confusing at first, as you had to order before going in, choosing either the buffet or the bara chirashi. The buffet had already been obliterated by the time I got there, and really didn't look appealing. I thus fell back on the bara set (99B Tanjong Pagar Road, 6222-1976).

It's too bad then that the bara chirashi was overseasoned and crudely cut. Granted, at those prices, I wasn't in much of a position to complain (especially when you could stuff yourself with all of the rice and otsumami that you wanted, just like you could back at his proper restaurant). But if had wanted a bara chirashi at this kind of price range, I would have gone to Meii Sushi over at International Plaza.

So yes, next time I'll pass on this and go for the buffet instead; the curry looked like it might be worth a try. Still, if it weren't for Teppei's name, I wouldn't have even come here. At least one doesn't have to wait in line like one does at his original place; it's precisely because of that line that I haven't been there in a million years. It used to be so easy to just walk in at lunchtime.

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ceadsearc said...

try the original barachirashi at teppei - it's slightly different because the man does it himself as opposed to letting the waitresses do the assembling and marinating. still i can see why some people hate the seasoning on it (preferring to let the fish speak for itself); however, i just love it. cheers.