Monday, March 10, 2014

Soup Stock Tokyo's Outlet in Singapore

Half and Half Hokkaido Crab Bisque and Chicken Soup with 8-Vegetable

I'd noticed this chain on pretty much every single trip I'd made to Japan in the past, but never bothered to waste stomach space on it given the millions of other delicious things available over there. I finally had the chance to try them now that they are at Asia Square (12 Marina View #02-05, 6844-9639).

Despite the Western appearance, it really was Japanese at the end of the day, witnessed in the form of say the Hokkaido crab bisque, dried scallop porridge, and corn potage with sweet potato (verrrry Japanese!!). In some ways, these kinda reminded me of those instant packets of dehydrated soup that you might buy at a good way.

I'll pass on that chicken soup of theirs though. And the borsch was a bit odd, tasting more like French onion soup to me. But that curry looks like it might be worth a try someday. So yes, I generally I liked them...maybe not as much as Saybons or that new guy at Tanjong Pagar, but much more than Souperlicious or the Soup Spoon.


Anonymous said...

Who is the new guy at Tanjong Pagar? Please do a review soon or post the name/address of this "new guy"

ceadsearc said...

bma, Teppei has opened a second outlet near tanjong pagar's blue ginger where you can still try his famous chirashi-don, do check it out. name's "hanare".