Thursday, October 04, 2007

Saybons French Food Factory

Clockwise from upper right: broccoli & cheddar, tomato, mushroom, and seafood bisque

Cool. This little stand at the basement of Plaza Singapura (#B2-32, 6884-9018) sells nothing but soup plus some crepes and bread. The soups are poured into cups so that you can walk and drink at the same time, and yet are still thick enough to be tasty and rich. I had all four of their selections and had no complaints, especially since they were kept at just the right temperature so as not to scald your tongue.

I hope that these guys open up a shop down further down into the business district...this stuff would be great for lunch every day. Here's to more having more soup shops around!

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Wickedclara said...

Hey Hungryboy!

I am quite surprise to stumble upon your page when i searched for "Saybons" on google. So might as well drop some comment. :D

Anyway, i am a part-timer from Saybons, and ironically i have your page in my favourites long ago when i needed to do research on some food related projects.

But just to update you, Saybons currently has an outlet at Phillip Street, which is near the business district. so yea, people there can share some love from us! We also have a new soup, Potato and Leek. Feel free to drop by to try! But be quick, it is to be taken off the menu as it is Saybons' birthday soup (We're 1 year old!) unless there's a change in plan.

Hope to see ya round!