Sunday, February 09, 2014

Phở from Kilo at Pact, Orchard Central

Kilo's Beef Noodle Soup

To be sure, they didn't actually call this phở on the menu. Instead, it was simply their "beef noodle soup," and it was only after I took a few bites did I realize why. Sure, this bowl had the requisite ingredients, including rice noodles, bean sprouts, and cilantro. But the onions were grilled, giving it a lovely depth (think: In-N-Out grilled onions) that I'm surprised I hadn't seen other places do before. looked like I was going to like this thing a lot.

That was, until I ate the beef, which, while very tender, was marinated so sweetly that I flinched when I tasted it. It was basically a tare-marinated piece of yakiniku, which was fine on its own merits, but just wasn't what I wanted in that clear broth. Well, these guys claim to be inspired by both Vietnamese and Japanese cuisines, which explains the approach to that bowl (a modern approach to a traditional bowl of Asian noodles, I suppose).

I'll come for that grilled onion broth again, but I'll probably pluck out the meat and eat it with a bowl of rice on the side instead. It might also be interesting to go to the proper restaurant itself rather than this shared space inside of a clothing store, but I guess this location is a bit more convenient (181 Orchard Road #02-16, 6884-7560). Note that this item is only available on weekends.

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