Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sea Urchin Rigatoni at Tokyo Disneyland

Rigatoni with sea urchin and scrambled eggs in cream sauce

Being at a place as touristy as Disneyland, it's not like I could expect anything of the food there. Looking at the theme park map wasn't very encouraging either; I succumbed to the idea that we'd be eating fried chicken and hamburgers while wading through the endless popcorn and churro stands (sigh). But being in Tokyo, the optimist in me was hoping that at least they'd localize the food a bit.

So it was good to find that when we went into some of these shops, there was some localization, be it the omurice that I had earlier today, or even this sea urchin pasta special above. Now, the scrambled eggs and cream in there made it such a cholesterol bomb that I could hardly taste the sea urchin, but at least it was more prominent than what I got at Amarone and Magosaburou.

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