Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Magosaburou's Pasta Lunch Set

Sea Urchin and Fish Roe Pasta

Yes, that's pasta served in a yakiniku restaurant. Or, as their copy put it, "Why is Pasta Lunch served in BBQ Restaurant ??" [sic] Apparently the chef here spent some time in Italy and flirted with some pasta making, and the homemade pasta was popular enough here that they made S$27 (US$21) lunch sets out of it.

The good thing is that the noodles themselves really were respectable in both taste and texture. But the way that they were dressed was a bit of a letdown. That sea urchin and fish roe one above was the best of the bunch, but even then, it was over-garlicked. Another version came with some lifeless chicken that almost seemed as if it came from an institutional food tray, while a Genovese version had scallops that were green after being dressed with the pesto rather than showing off the contrasting colors of a lovely sear.

Oh well. It was all still edible, but I suppose that one can't really expect much when pasta wasn't their specialty. If I really wanted Japanese pasta, then I'd probably go to La Luna Rossa up the street. And if I'm not able to get a table at Yazawa for yakiniku, then at least I can get that salted cabbage salad here again.

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