Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yakiniku Yazawa, Robertson Walk

Clockwise from front: tokusen kiri-otoshi, tan shio, Australian jo karubi

I've been wanting to come to this yakiniku shop for a while now. But last time we tried to do a walk-in, we were unexpectedly met with a fully-booked restaurant. So we made a reservation for tonight, and made it down here to the former grounds of Cafe Garb (11 Unity Street #01-01, 6235-2941).

One of the things that these guys differentiated themselves on was the quality of the beef (and mind you, with correspondingly high prices to match). Sure, places like Aburiya offer wagyu too, but these guys are particular enough that the serial number of the cow that they have in stock that day is displayed in the restaurant so that you can go to the website to look up the details and lifespan of the beast before they flew this marbled beauty down here from Japan. And similar to the chicken diagram at Shirokane Tori-Tama next door, these guys had a cow diagram so that one could pick out the parts of interest - or one could simply go for an omakase.

We went for a plate of the tokusen kiri-otoshi, which amusingly was just an assortment of scraps that they couldn't cut into full-sized pieces. It was still melt-in-your-mouth delicious - so much that I kept getting more glasses of beer just to wash down the taste of that fat lingering in my mouth. They also offered a few cuts of cheaper Australian wagyu, which suited us just fine. And I loved the salt that they used in the salad dressing as well as the cold tokusei reimen that we used to close it all off with. It was definitely worth the money, but at these kinds of prices, it's reserved for special occasions only.

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