Thursday, March 27, 2008

Teppanyaki Akasaka, ANA Hotel Tokyo

Notice the collection of diced fat browning away at the bottom

Whew! That was quite a meal. A friend of ours suggested meeting here at the teppanyaki place at the top of the ANA Intercontinental today (exit the Tameike-sanno station, 03-3505-1437) not only because of the views of the city, but also because lunch prices were much cheaper than dinner. Of course, the food was also supposed to be spectacular.

And spectacular it was indeed. Similar to that meal we had in Kobe a while back, the A-4 grade of Japanese sirloin that we had was bursting in juicy fat with every bite, not even requiring any of the sauces that they provided. I also got quite excited to see them do things such as trim the fat from the sirloin and dice it into little cubes for use in the garlic rice afterwards, as well as smear a thin layer of rice onto the hot grill to make a crispy skin companion to our rice bowls. Nice - that was definitely making the most of everything at hand.

But how much cheaper was it really? Well, it wasn't exactly a shockingly cheap meal; our set ran for about 6,000 yen (US$60), with other choices dropping down to 2,600 Yen (US$26) for lower grades of beef - or well past 10,000 Yen (US$100) for throwing in seafood and other items. But all of that compared to dinner rates that could clear 20,000 Yen (US$200) for some options - whoa! Either way, our selection today was cheaper than that meal in Kobe. I don't know which part of Japan this beef came from, but at 6,000 Yen, it provided around the same level of satisfaction for almost half of the price. And that was definitely nothing to complain about.


Anonymous said...

ah, akasaka. Best teppenyaki place I've ever had the pleasure to eat at. I've been there for a dinner once, (some ANA coupons needed redeeming :p) and it was absolutely amazing. Never knew they had lunch while I was there, or I might've gone back for more. Oh well. Great review of the place, gotta love this blog!

Anonymous said...

We went there on your recommendation, and it was indeed stupendous. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

A great place. Had dinner there with 2 friends, great view of Roppongi, the food was amazing. I was actually a strict veggie my whole life until around 6 months before I went to this place. It was here, my mouth actually started to water for the beef. Cant wait to go back there when I visit tokyo again.