Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yakiniku from Jojoen, Tokyo


Mmm...that was a good one. Jojoen is an upscale yakiniku place with multiple locations across Tokyo, and my friend took us to one of them with a big smile on his face as we walked toward it tonight. After having eaten it, I understand why he was smiling as everything was delightful.

All of the beef served here was wagyu by default, thus making it all very tender and fatty, such that I hardly even touched the sauces that they gave (although I definitely appreciated the salty sesame oil and garlic on the side...and the yukke was not too sweet either). Keep in mind that we only got the "normal" grade of beef too...one can only wonder how it would have tasted if we had upgraded.

I also smirked a bit when our carnivorous friend mentioned that they have some of the best salad dressings around, but it wasn't a joke. Despite the very spartan appearance of nothing but leaves coated in dressing, the salad was right up my alley with its salty sesame flavor. We finished off the meal with some kind of strawberries filled with condensed milk and frozen into individually wrapped desserts. Nice one - this was a great meal from start to finish.

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