Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Breakfast at Lori's Diner SFO

Bacon and Eggs

I actually went down to Burger Joint on the south end of the International Terminal first. But as much as I love those Niman Ranch burgers, I was somehow craving hash browns and eggs with a touch of Tabasco sauce in the morning, so I hauled myself up to the north end instead and grabbed this from Lori's Diner. It did the job, even if I wished that there were more hash browns and less bacon, the latter of which clearly I've had way too much of this past week already.

Side note to myself: the International Terminal doesn't have TSA Pre✓ yet, so the key was to take the escalator down to Terminal 3. Breeze through TSA Pre✓ there, complete with electronics in the bag and jacket/shoes/belt on, after which, I can get my shoes shined and perhaps even get a fresh shellfish snack at Yankee Pier (next time, anyway) before going to the international gates. The United Club also seems to have ditched those T-Mobile Wi-Fi cards as well as alcohol coupons...finally!

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