Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ippudo Ramen and Salad on ANA

Ippudo Furusato Shoyu Ramwn

This was the only thing that I ate on the long haul out of San Jose today, in part since I wanted to sleep right away rather than dealing with meal times, but also since I wasn't that hungry after that delicious birria earlier. When I finally awoke, they offered to give me the meal that I missed, but I passed, opting instead for another bowl of in-flight Ippudo as well as a salad that they had on their snack menu as well.

It still tasted like it did last time, with the noodles seeming like they were instant. Well, I suppose that they couldn't exactly boil real noodles in strainers on an airplane after all (and it's still better than being served in a foam cup!). But honestly, if no one told me that this was from Ippudo, then I never would have guessed. It was that unremarkable.

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