Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Wantan-Men from Ippudo Singapore

Shoyu Wanton Ramen

I wasn't quite in the mood for a thick tonkotsu this morning, so I went instead for the wantan-men at Ippudo, seeing how they used a shoyu-based broth. Unfortunately, it turned out to be mildly sweet, and borderline annoyingly so - such that I didn't really enjoy it too much. And perhaps due to a couple of recent visits to Noodle Place at Centrepoint, I inappropriately had Cantonese wanton mee in my head instead, to which this one certainly was not as fragrant. Next time it'd be worth checking out some of the other off-beat items that I saw on the menu here though; most notably the yaki ramen and hiyashi ramen.

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