Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cold Noodles from Kado Man

Hiyashi Chuka

Kado Man is allegedly known for their "cold noodles," so that's exactly what we picked up today from them, both in the hiyashi chuka egg noodle variety as well as the tsukemen dipping variety. As suspected, these were decent, but I've had better at places like Noodle House Ken and Miharu.

Ume ChazukeThe portions here were pretty small too, so I also grabbed a chahan as well as an ume chazuke just to try them out. And, just as with the others above, the chahan was decently tasty, but a bit soggy and definitely a far cry from Ohsho. The ochazuke seemed a bit artificial too. Well, at least the food wasn't *bad* - I could still come here if someone forced me to.

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