Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kado Man, Grand Plaza Hotel

Miso Butter Ramen

This place is has allegedly been here (Grand Plaza Hotel #01-21 on Coleman Street, 6339-4333) for a long time with a loyal customer base thanks to its miso ramen, so I made my way down here today to check it out. To be sure, I got the miso bataa ramen, which turned out surprisingly spartan, featuring only ramen, corn, bean sprouts (with the beans pared off, mind you), butter, and some garnishings without any chasyu or bamboo shoots in sight. The broth was worthy of its reputation though (no doubt the butter clouded my judgment, but it seemed like it would have been good without the butter too). Maybe I'll try asking for some chasyu and such next time, but for now, my preference is still clearly for Noodle House Ken. The gyoza here, while tasty and thin-skinned, was a bit soggy and stuck together too.

Unagi Don

One highlight though was the unagi (their menu had more than just ramen), which was surprisingly thick and tasty (get the imported S$20 or US$11.75 version from Japan). Nice one there. I noticed tsukemen listed as one of the specials hanging on the walls (the proprietor kept wanting to push the hiyashi ramen too), so I might come back to try some others one of these days.

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hi, cool blog. what line of work are you in though? you seem to travel for work a fair bit.