Friday, May 31, 2013

The Hong Kong Food Market in Houston


I actually wasn't even going to write about these guys at first. But when I saw this sign, I couldn't contain my laughter and had to take a photo. Yeah, despite the shop's name, this was actually a Vietnamese supermarket, and a huge one at that. I'm sure that the Little Saigons in Westminster or San Jose have something to rival it, but I haven't been to one myself. There's even an outlet of Lee's Sandwiches across the street.

Crawfish for Sale

Anyway, this place blew my mind, in part because of how big it was, but also since it was so cool that crawfish was on sale at the (smelly and fly-swarming) fish section in the back. Now I know what kind of margins those Viet-Cajun crawfish places are making, seeing how the *retail* price of live crawfish can be merely a sixth of what they charge for the cooked product.

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