Friday, March 01, 2013

Japan's Tamoya Udon is Now in Singapore

Niku Bukkake Udon and Shiitake Tempura

After that random visit to an outlet of Rakugama a few years ago, I kept hoping that one day there would be an assembly-line style udon shop like that in Singapore. Marusaya had a similar idea, but fell way short due to that lousy tempura, no matter how many times I tried to go back there in hopes that it might get better. So when I saw the construction signs going up at Liang Court for this place a few weeks ago (177 River Valley Road #01-32, 6337-0301), I fully geeked out, marking my calendar for their opening day and even being the first in line today.

And I'm glad that I did. I gobbled down two bowls in succession, and thankfully the tempura was hot and crisp too. I still like Rakugama much better (they have a wider selection and thicker, chewier noodles), but hey, with all things considered, I'm glad that this place has opened, and will easily be coming here a lot more, especially given how quickly I can finish my meal and get out of there. Note to self: go easy on the negi next time, especially if you're going back to the office afterwards (now where is my darned toothbrush??).


Singapore said...

Did they have the kamatama or somethin similar with raw egg?

bma said...


Nicole Lin said...

what's the price range like?
need to make reservations prior?

bma said...

Cheap and no reservations - this is fast food.