Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Peached Tortilla Truck in Austin

From left: Banh Mi Taco and Crunchy Fish Taco

Cool - food trucks! Interestingly, I wasn't even going to go to this one at first, in part since the name seemed to imply a dessert truck or something instead. It was only when I saw a bunch of people with tacos did I look at their menu. What was at the top of the list? Banh mi tacos.

Huh? Yeah, bánh mì tacos. I scratched my head for a bit on that one, seeing how the main thing about bánh mì is the baguette (and hence the name in Vietnamese). So I wasn't quite sure how this one would go down with a tortilla.

Fortunately, it worked. The spiced pork belly along with cilantro and picked daikon helped things down, and I didn't mind their crunchy fish taco either. It looks like these guys do pan-Asian tacos; in particular, Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese tacos. It's a nice change from the usual Korean, Filipino, and Indian ones.

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