Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vegetarian Phở and Bún from Pho Hoa

Vegetarian Pho

My original order was actually a normal bowl of phở. But a few seconds later, it dawned on me that I barely had any veggies today, so I immediately switched my order to the vegetarian version, seeing how the picture on the menu seemed to show it loaded with fresh vegetables. Unfortunately, that also meant that the broth was no longer beef-based, which effectively made this thing not that different from a soup version of yong tau foo (basically, poached vegetables in clear soup), albeit with fresh basil and a squeeze of lime. Actually, it got better with a bit of that fresh much that I still drank it down to the last drop. But I really should have gotten the normal phở.

Vegetarian Bun

After that, I realized that I still needed more food, so I figured that I'd give the vegetarian bún a try. It certainly came out quickly, seeing how they didn't have to heat up any broth to pour on top of it. I liked this one better, as it was effectively still the same bún that I'm used to getting, except sans meat. Next time I'm down here at the Pho Hoa stall at the basement of Takashimaya, I'll get normal beef phở but pair it with a side of this stuff for a half-hearted attempt at getting a serving of vegetables.

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