Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Raw Vegetarian Meal on SQ

Raw Vegetarian Meal

Whenever I order a special meal on SQ, it's usually the Hindu one. And I certainly do like it, but I've been eating some pretty artery-clogging stuff over the past couple of weeks, and really need to eat a little better. So I tried going for the Raw Vegetarian option on today's flight. After all, what could be more healthier than that? (As long as one avoids the ice cream that they hand out afterwards!)

It turned out to be, well, a salad for a starter, a salad for a main course, and a fruit salad for dessert. It certainly wasn't anything to go nuts over, but it did the job of being healthy. I'll likely opt for this again in the future, especially since the stuff that I eat on the road usually isn't the best stuff for me.

The other interesting thing to note was that this 777 was of the same setup as the flight that I took to Delhi two weeks ago: only two cabin classes, with business class using those narrow but flat seats, while economy class still didn't have any power outlets, even if the upholstering was no longer purple. I was hoping that maybe they'd re-do all of their planes with those new economy/business class seats that they've been so proudly advertising, but I can only assume that this is SQ's preferred (and cheaper) configuration for flights of this duration.

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