Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Sofitel Metropole's Niçoise Salad

Sofitel Metropole Niçoise Salad

I've never really cared that much for Niçoise salad before. Granted, part of the reason was simply because I was eating it in the wrong places. But part of it was also since canned tuna kept reminding me of Chicken of the Sea.

So on this urgent refueling stop here at the Sofitel Metropole in Hanoi, I figured that maybe this would be a good chance to give it another shot. After all, these guys claimed to be famous for their grilled tuna version. And I'm not exactly planning to be in France anytime soon, so this may very well be as close to authentic as I can get for now (Vietnamese street food will be aplenty in the next day or two anyway).

Unfortunately, I still didn't like it. Sure, the tuna was of decent quality, as were the rest of the greens and such underneath. But it was still a rather boring salad, paling in comparison to some of the stuff I usually order on my lunch breaks near the office. I suppose that one of these days I should get myself to France to find a rendition of this that finally gives my opinion of it an about-face.

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