Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jungle Beer and Kawaebi from JiBiru

Kawaebi and Jungle Beer Easy English Ale

These guys (313 Orchard Road #01-26, 6732-6884) opened sometime ago, specializing in Japanese beers. But I never had the chance to sit down there until this afternoon, when I needed to park myself somewhere for a few minutes. Most of their selection is bottled, with only Sapporo and a couple of Hitachino varieties on tap. Well, that, and one more name I didn't recognize: Jungle Beer.

Seeing how these guys specialized in Japanese beer, I figured that maybe it was a Japanese brand. When I asked the bartender, he told me that it was English instead. But something didn't sound right, since it seemed like they were merely serving the English Ale version of Jungle Beer rather than Jungle Beer actually being English. And I was right: I subsequently looked it up online and found this to be a local Singaporean brand. Interesting that I had never heard of it until now.

Unfortunately, I didn't like it. It was strangely a bit sour and tangy, which was very off-putting when I was expecting a smooth English ale. I think they used fruit or something like that in it. I thus migrated next to Hitachino's Pale Ale, but I didn't like that one either, again because of how floral it was. Oh well. At least the salty crispy kawaebi made for a nice little nibble.

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