Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hana Hana Japanese Restaurant, River Valley

Kawaebi Karaage

Here's a new Japanese place that didn't seem too encouraging from the outside with its weird pink lighting and nine year old J-pop blaring on the speakers (223 River Valley Road, 6738-5858). But a quick scan of the menu showed that it was serving simple izakaya fare, so I plopped myself on down to grab a spread of some of my favorites.

The good thing is that many of the items turned out better than I thought it would, including their eponymous salad as well as their kawaebi karaage, even if I was a bit surprised to find it battered. Still, it wasn't so mindblowing that I'd go out of my way for it. Indeed, some of the kushiyaki items were a bit soggy and thus forgettable. But by and large, this was passable. I only wish they weren't trying so hard with the decor.


Kathy said...

Remember the prata bomb you had? There's a similar dish, banana with honey prata at a shop along River Valley, just beside Video Ezy. They close very late.

Do avoid the posh looking fish soup shop along the same row at all costs. It's awful and terribly unfresh.

There's a pretty good, (new?) bak kut teh place opposite Central at Clarke Quay. It's the peppery soup type. The sides are yummy.

bma said...

I hear ya on the fish soup place. I didn't even bother finishing my bowl there, and really can't understand why that place has so many customers.

I had a shocking experience at Edogawa next door to the fish place too. They put canned peach slices in my salad. Geez!

Kathy said...

Thanks for trying Edogawa for us. Haha. I thought it looked dodgy. Is there any other place that serves reasonably priced Japanese food at 1am besides Hakata?

If you are ever in the vicinity in the day, try the Hor Fun at the corner coffeeshop. They come in different variations. The sauce is nothing to shout about, but the thin Hor Fun is "Ipoh" style, sweet and subtle. It's not very filling though, so you may want to grab some minced meat noodles from the same place. It's not Tai Wah standard, but nowhere else is.

Madison said...

Went to Hana Hana Japanese restaurant last week and were dissapointed with their service.

lunch hours but me and my friend were quite surprised to be welcomed by many waitresses (too many for a small restaurant) as we went in and sat near to the entrance. Looking around there were no other customers.

We tried the tempura silver fish, sushi set, bbq chicken skin, saba, fried oysters, shashimi for 2pax.

The tempura were pretty tasteless, sushi and shashimi were not as fresh. The others dishes taste not as facinating. Were a little dissapointed with the food.

We use DBS credit card to pay and with the big advertisment outside the restaurant we are suppose to get 10% discount but it was only when we check the bills and remind the waitress of the promotion than she went to ask and change for us.

Overall, my friend and I feel that the food is overprice...and not to the quality standard. I prefer kuriya restaurant, raku restaurant least they got better service.

Sad to say after 1hr, I notice that there are no other customers even till I left the restaurant.

Z said...

eh hi hi
yes yes
the hana hana place is not crowded at all
I live behind so I kinda know about that place
never been there though
the decoration somehow gave me the impression that the jap food they served is not too good.

I agree with madison about the too many waiter/ess around