Monday, March 24, 2008

Za Watami, Yokohama

Ko Sakana Karaage

This was a completely random izakaya that we wandered into at the northern end of Isezaki Mall here in Yokohama tonight (045-232-1690). We were amazed when they brought out their negima skewers, which were surprisingly bristling in crispy/salty/greasy fat, and totally tender at the same time. Yum!

None of the other items that we got tonight got us quite as excited as that, but it all did the job in the end (the fried fish above, for example, pretty much tasted just like it looked, even if mildly fishy). Anyway, we have a few places slated for the week ahead, as well as time for more random discoveries, so we'll see what we can uncover.

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Anonymous said...

you realise alot of us are really curious about how you look like? :)