Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tsukune Ichigo, River Valley Road

From left: chizu, goma, shio, and kousho

There are plenty of yakitori places around these days, but these guys are different (399 River Valley Road, 6736-1340). They specialize in tsukune, or the minced chicken meat variety of skewers. And you can get your tsukune dressed in any number of ways, be it with salt, pepper, sesame seeds, cheese, scallions, garlic, sour plum, fish eggs, or even some half-boiled chicken egg drizzled on top. Granted, it was only chicken, so it wasn't so mindblowing that I would get cravings for this. But it was tender enough that it edged onto the favorable side for me.

Besides, my conscience sure feels a lot better about eating something so healthy. This was only further underscored by the way that they finish your meal here: with a little cup of humble yet refreshing chicken soup that tastes just like mom used to make it (you could practically throw a matzo ball in it if the container were just a little bigger). Sure, they have other things like salads, carbs, and some grilled items too, but I prefer to focus on their tsukune.


Jude said...

there's a yakitori restaurant in vivocity which is really good as well.

Victhor said...

Oh my God! I just love your blog. I'm a big fan of asiatic food the things that you are showing on this blog are like from another planet to me. I live in Warsaw, Poland, and there is not much of a choise here when it comes to asian food and if there is then for very big prices. Anyway, keep doing your job and bigup from Warsaw!

lavarbaridad said...

i lurv chicken! and those things on skewers look like treats that i gorged on at fairs as a kid.