Tuesday, October 23, 2007

QQ Rice, Plaza Singapura

High Fiber

I heard about these guys a while back, but the appearance of these globs of rice were never that attractive to me (especially when that purple rice was featured). Yet, my curiosity during a Saybons soup run somehow diverted me to this stall (Plaza Singapura #B2-34, 8100-3436, with another location at Novena Square). They had all kinds of variations of rice to be paired with all sorts of stuffing, but I went for one of their pre-made combos, which was some high-fiber thing or something.

This thing had so many random things in it that I wouldn't even try listing them, but suffice it to say that it tasted better than I thought it would. And it was only after I ate this did I realize the Taiwanese connection: this is basically a hip version of those rice globs one eats for breakfast over there, but complete with all of the quirkiness that one often finds in modern Taiwanese food. Admittedly, I'd much rather go for a simpler musubi instead, so I won't be making any extra effort to come here again. But if my office were a little closer, then I would probably come back, if anything just as a handy way to purge my system with something healthy.

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