Friday, December 02, 2011

City Market in Luling, Texas

Brisket, rib, and sausage

With work in San Antonio now behind me, I grabbed a car to make my way up to my next meeting in Austin. But I didn't take the most direct route. Instead, I swung out to the little town of Luling, where barbecue from the City Market (633 East Davis Street, 830-875-9019) scored a whopping 29 for food on Zagat. That was even higher than the 26 that Kreuz got, so I was looking forward to seeing what made this place so great.

Similar to Kreuz, the meat pits were separated from the sides/drink counter, and for good reason too. After emerging from the pit room, my clothes completely smelled of smoke - just what I needed before going to my next meeting. That, and the raw onions that I really shouldn't have eaten...but they just tasted so good with that meat and sauce.

Yes, the thing that made this place stand out was the sauce, a bottle of which they handed over to you, together with a fork, when you ordered a drink. I liked the quality of the meat, particularly the tender brisket. But my gripe was that it really required the sauce to take off, whereas Kreuz of course took pride in not needing any sauce at all. Frankly, I still prefer Kreuz instead. Actually, next time I'll probably try the other shops in Lockhart; I passed Black's and Smitty's on the way up to Austin.

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