Friday, December 02, 2011

Tex-Mex from Chuy's in Austin, Texas

Hatch Chicken Enchiladas

The place that I wanted to go to tonight was already closed, so instead I ended up at a nearby outlet of Chuy's, a chain restaurant from here in Austin. It certainly was commercialized with its birthday chants, margarita pushes, and T-shirt counter. But I've gotta admit that I pretty much finished all of my food too, including those paper thin chips and fresh salsa.

It reminded me a lot of Chevys Fresh Mex from back home, except that I liked this place a little better. Indeed, if I were being forced to eat at a Tex-Mex chain, then this might be one of the better choices. But alas, I left here tonight with a bit of remorse, and certainly would still prefer to avoid such places if I can. At least I can take some consolation in the idea that it was local.

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monkeyrind said...

Us Austinites have eaten at Chuy's a long time and don't really consider it a chain...nothing like a Chili's. Next time you are in Austin go to Polvos or Curra's and skip Guerros all together.