Friday, April 15, 2011

Curtis Stone on United

Some Two Colored Beet Salad from Curtis Stone on United

Thank God my upgrade went through on the return leg. In business class today, they were featuring food from Curtis Stone instead of the usual Charlie Trotter and Trader Vic's. Not only did I enjoy this salad of his in spite of my dislike of beets, but I was also surprised by how amazingly tender the Hunter's Style Jidori Chicken was in my main course. Indeed, his dishes all featured ingredients that I never would have expected on an airplane.

More importantly, it was nice to see United breaking away from its usual routine. Instead of that tiny rice-bowl-sized salad paired with a prawn starter, we got a properly-sized plate of greens now. Instead of the usual slice of cake for dessert, we got a gigantic ball of ice cream that came covered in a playful chocolate hardshell. And instead of those little cup-and-saucers that they previously used for coffee and tea, we got real coffee mugs. Bravo! I wonder - is this by chance a result of their merger? I've never flown Continental before so I wouldn't know.

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