Friday, February 11, 2011

The Express Dine Option on United Biz Class

Some Chicken Stuffed with Boursin Cheese

Does anything look strange in this photo? I opted for United's "Express Dine" option today, which meant that they brought out the starters and main all out on the same tray rather than the usual process of several courses.

One could argue that this isn't anything different from the way Economy Class meals are served, but the other thing is that the meal also came out much earlier...pretty much by the time they serve drinks and nuts. I was finished with dessert by the time everyone else was just getting their starters. I'm definitely doing this again; just the act of getting that tray out of the way allows me to get straight to work (or sleep, if that's what's required). I'm not trying to occupy my time with an in-flight meal after all.

Oh - and how was the food? Fine. Today's Executive Chef selection was this chicken stuffed with Boursin cheese, which kept it interesting.

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