Sunday, December 05, 2010

United Economy Class Vegetables and Rice

Stir Fried Vegetables and Rice

Looks nasty? It was. Had I seen it beforehand I probably would have gotten the sandwich instead, but it was too late. Worse, it was filled with two things that I absolutely despise: water chestnuts and cooked carrots (I like raw carrots but hate cooked ones because they become sweet). At least those chips were good.

Perhaps more interesting was my seating adventure, which started when I cleared the Business Class waitlist at the gate. I settled happily into that upper deck window seat and even started a movie as we sat at the gate for a while.

Then after about 20 minutes, an agent came upstairs. The original passenger finally showed up, thus bumping me down past even my originally assigned Economy Plus seat into a spot all the way in the back of the plane. Oh well - so much for getting work done on a nearly drained battery.


JHKim said...

I don't understand all the intricacies of airline seating policy but that seriously sounds like a shitty move by united. I hope they offered you some kind of compensation.

bma said...

No, but they aren't exactly obligated to do so either. After all, I was merely a lowly economy fare passenger who got lucky with an upgrade, and they have every right to put (what I presumed to be) a proper business class paying passenger in there instead.

John said...

I was on a similar flight a couple of days ago from ORD back to SIN and realised that these days upgrade requires a co-pay.

Rodney said...

Were you 1K/GS and using a SWU? Hope you got it back and a skykit for your trouble. Typical UA BS.