Sunday, January 09, 2011

Korea's Bibigo in Singapore

Tofu and Black Rice Bibimbap

That photo above may look like a boring pile of blanched veggies, but it was actually bibimbap from Bibigo, a chain from Korea that now has an outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre (252 North Bridge Road #B1-74, 6336-4745). Apparently in other locations it is a fast food shop - and hence the name. But in Singapore they made it a sit-down place, even if they are still using little disposable packets of gochujang hot sauce and sesame oil.

Anyway, I liked it. Rather than taking the usual raw egg route, these guys took a lighter approach, as seen by the availability of tofu and black pearl rice options, making it slightly reminiscient of lei cha fan. And in the same way, I liked how the milder taste made it guilt-free; I will easily come back. But I have to remember to avoid the chicken and rice cake starters - they were just waaaay too sweet for my taste.

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