Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hakka Zhong's Thunder Tea Rice

Thunder Tea Rice

I haven't been down to Amoy Street Food Centre in a while. So I was a bit confused when I saw these guys at stall #01-11. They were selling lei cha fan, but I thought I remembered my usual stall being a couple of rows down. Upon further investigation, it looked like they had shut down, and this was a different vendor.

I actually liked these guys even better. It was a tad saltier and greasier, which made it a bit more interesting. But the plastic bowl was so small that it couldn't have handled my usual soup-drenching process, so I dunked a couple of scoops at a time instead. It worked for me, if only the weather weren't so darned hot outside.

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candice said...

fyi the previous thunder tea rice place decided to consolidate staff and operations of the cbd area to concentrate on lau pa sat! prefer the previous place for less greasy veg, less mushy rice and stronger soup though!