Sunday, March 07, 2010

Black Ramen, Great World City

Chashu Ramen

When the construction signs went up for this place at the basement food court of Great World City (1 Kim Seng Promenade #B1-16), the immediate question asked was whether its "black ramen" name meant they would be offering kogashi ramen, something that we've been hoping to eventually get in Singapore but could not obtain at either Ippudo, Daikokuya, nor Menya Shinchan.

Unfortunately, when the menu finally went on display, it was clear that the name was in reference to squid ink noodles rather than the color of the broth. We thus never really felt very motivated to come here, especially when the menu couldn't even get the difference between tonkotsu and tonkatsu right. Still, I was at the mall anyway and hoped that I'd be proven wrong. At least the outdoor seating was much more pleasantly cool than I thought it would be thanks to the shade and the fans.

But the broth was watery, while the gyoza skin was more like the thick Chinese variety rather than the thin Japanese adaptation. It was "Powered by Food Junction" after all (they even provided a survey form that referenced Tetsu), so I guess one couldn't expect much more from a food court. It'd be interesting to see who's left standing after this ramen fad in Singapore dies down though.

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