Monday, October 08, 2007

Dumpling King, Alexandra Road


A name like Dumpling King sounds promising, right? We came on by here (354D Alexandra Road, 6474-7889) tonight to test our instincts. I was hoping for something similar to that hundred dumpling place in Beijing, but nary a clove of pickled raw garlic was to be found.

Nonetheless, we got some dumplings, both of the pan-fried and boiled variety. The pan-fried dumplings were unattractively large and gushed of oil when you bit into it, but I suppose that they worked if you ate them while they were still hot. And the stuffing of the boiled dumpings were fine, even though I prefer the Whispering Man's exotically spicy stuffing better. Then again, they offered many other varieties, so perhaps we simply ordered the wrong stuff.

Anyway, what was interesting was that throughout the meal, we kept thinking that this place was like a downscale Xin Tao Yuan, especially given that shredded pork roll stuff that they aggressively pushed on us. Only when we checked out did we find out that these guys were in fact an offshoot of that very same Tanjong Pagar restaurant. I definitely wouldn't go out of my way for this place, but I suppose that if anyone were ever forced to go to Ikea but is sick of those Swedish meatballs, then one alternative is to hit this place diagonally across the street on your way in/out.


ClearTear said...

go to queenstown market, upstairs - its near queenstown MRT, the small road call margaret drive. its cheap and delicious.

Or the one at neil road, its along neil road after tea chapter. sorry both i can't remember the name, i just go there, enter and eat. lolz

omaritosan said...

looks bad... try dumbling buffet in excelsior hotel back of funan

Anonymous said...

There is a stall at NUS Business School canteen that sells Beijing food. On Thu and Sat, they sell only those Beijing dumplings whole day long (they're not available on other days). Chinese students all around campus used to flock there to queue on these days, so I guess it should be authentic-tasting enough. I quite liked them. I haven't been back in a while, but last I heard, it's still there.

Anonymous said...

I tried the dumplings at Dumpling King. Not only was the food so-so...the service attitude of the staff was horrible. It was raining before I went, but the seats inside the restaurant were too stuffy, so I sat outside. While eating, the waitress wanted to keep in the rain shelter (altho the rain has stopped)! But if she keeps the rain shelter, the water will be dripping on the food and me.

The dumpling place along Neil Rd is called Qun Zhong and that one is really good in my opinion.